An Environmental Settlement involving Exxon

The latest escapade relating to the environment and New Jersey is a bit reminiscent of the movie Casablanca where the Prefect of Police is shocked to find gambling going on at Ricks. I am shocked that there might be political motivation in undermining a major environmental settlement involving Exxon.

environmental-settlementThis is a case with a long and detailed history against a company with a long and detailed history. Given the announcement of a settlement that accepts $.03 on the dollar when the State has won each element of the trial over the past 14 years certainly raises some smoke…and as they say, where there is smoke there is fire.

I certainly do not know the answer here…but there are certainly some serious questions that have to be raised about this proposed settlement.

Thankfully, Judge Hogan must approve after the Commissioner Martin renders his opinion AFTER a 30 day comment period. Judge Hogan is a knowledgeable and fair jurist.

But, this should not get to him. I encourage all to send in your comments to the NJDEP on this matter.

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Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says
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