Food Waste Need Not Be Waste….Look at South Korea

South Korea has banned the disposal of food waste for 18 years….Unfortunately, as reported in the NY Times, the culture tends to generate more food waste than it should due to its culinary traditions..Specifically, too much food served at each meal.

Food waste

Sound familiar?

However, in South Korea, the food waste is deemed a resource. It is collected separately, then sent to either a composting operation, animal feed system or an anaerobic digester.

None of this is new technology. However, what is interesting to me, besides the fact that it is the law, is the minor detail about cost.

There is a fee for this service, however, it does not fully cover the cost of the operation. Instead, the government subsidizes these costs due to the importance of the recycling program. And miracle of miracles, people accept this.

New Jersey has a food waste recycling law. The law was and is a good first step. However, it is price dependent. If it costs more to recycle the food than to dispose of it as waste, generators do not need to comply with the law.

See the problem?

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