Protect Our Coast NJ and Defend Brigantine Beach Oppose Wind Power But are they Being Accurate?

I am shocked that there is gambling going on here. Ok, a bad take on the great line from Casablanca…but appropriate in some ways. Of course I am shocked that there are groups suing regarding the recent law about wind power. The two groups, Protect Our Coast, NJ and Defend Brigantine Beach are non-profits set up to fight off shore wind. I am not certain about their membership per se, but it appears to be people who live near or work near the beaches in the communities mentioned.

Offshore wind farm protect our coast nj lawsuit

On the Protect Our Coast, NJ there is a great image of different structures showing their relative heights. Of course, the images do not show an accurate line of sight..meaning, they do not show that the wind turbines are going to be 15 miles off shore…That would be far too accurate and not scare people.

The Defend Brigantine Beach organization says that they believe that wind turbines will hurt everything from the view to marine life and destroy the shore experience.

As to the lawsuit, I obviously cannot comment on that. However, it seems that shore groups, not these in particular, have the same goals….keep things as they are and do not progress. What they are missing is the fact that their views are going to disappear since their homes and businesses are going to be underwater if things continue as they are.

As I have posted before…facts matter.

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Offshore wind foes sue New Jersey and Danish turbine developer over tax break

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