Gas or Electric in Homes?

Gas or Electric? In multiple states, including NJ, there is a push to phase out gas appliances in homes and replace them with electric. The goal, reduce carbon emissions and improve the indoor air health in homes.

gas or electric

As noted in the attached Washington Post Article, the gas appliance industry and consumers are pushing back and balking. Two points.

1. Electric appliances today are much more efficient than they were in the past…thus, it is possible that in certain instances they would consume less energy and actually save people money.

2. It is also true that we are talking about large financial investments. Where new construction is taking place, it makes sense to think about requiring the installation of new electric units since the capital cost is nominal when part of a new structure. Older homes with modern gas appliances are a different matter and this will be harder to implement.

An important consideration must also be electric reliability. If a home is all electric, but has no power, then we have a real problem…Not that gas lines don’t freeze. (Texas anyone?)

The USGBC also has to take note of this change. It’s rating system skews to gas due to the lower energy consumption when compared to less that high efficiency electric…

There is a good deal to consider.

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