Soils Continued

In my last post on soils, you may recall that the discussion centered on the impacts of chemicals on soil health. Now, to alarm you a bit more, we see that we are losing topsoil in our largest areas of farmland. While the exact numbers are not clear, and the study is less rigorous than we might like, the loss of topsoil can be up to 1/3.


Our modern farming practices are largely to blame. Rather than respect the soil and treat it as a resource that deserves to be respected within the concept of a circular economy, we have extracted its nutrients as a resource like coal and oil.

Farmers are aware of this and many are trying to fix the issue. There are many solutions from using compost to how we till, or better yet, don’t till the soil.

Read The Full Article Here:
New Evidence Shows Fertile Soil Gone From Midwestern Farms

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