Governor Christie pocket vetoed the E-Waste Recycling Bill

On January 19, the Governor pocket vetoed the e-waste recycling bill. Notwithstanding letters of support from many counties (even Republican Counties) and the Commissioner of the NJDEP, this important piece of legislation was allowed to die.

While this may be a victory for manufacturers that wanted to avoid their ethical and environmental responsibility, it may well prove to be a pyrrhic victory. As I write this and in the time that it will take to post the blog, more counties and towns are looking at canceling their electronics recycling programs. Why? Because under the law, the manufacturers are responsible for this cost…and they have managed to shift cost to us, the taxpayers. Ah, corporate welfare at its best.

Even though the recycling industry agreed to changes asked for by the manufacturers, the electronics industry, including Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Sony etc…through their association, worked to undermine the legislation. That is negotiating in bad faith…So what does that tell you about their intention of recycling the electronics?

The result of this bill’s defeat will be further images like the ones below…and these are actual images from New Jersey taken within the last few weeks.

New Jersey Electronic Waste Photos

If you cannot recycle your e-waste, call the Governor’s office to ask what to do. It is the Governor’s doing that these programs will end.

The telephone number is: 609-292-6000

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