Greenwashing is Another Name for Keurig Pod Recycling

It is common for a company that practices greenwashing to makes claims that items can be recycled in some places, but not others, and that you can recycle materials that can’t be recycled. Keurig has been trying to make this claim for years.

Now, as reported in Waste Dive, a court in California is allowing a class action suit to go forward that claims the “recyclable” labels are misleading greenwashing.


This really does bring up a long term issue that needs a long term solution. Perhaps, just perhaps, the real solution is that before a company makes a product or a packaging material, they must demonstrate that it can be recycled throughout the United States by demonstrating that there are long term markets available, and more importantly, that there can be a product made from the material that has value.

Just a thought.

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Lawsuit over Keurig coffee pod recyclability moving forward

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