We’re Number One, We’re Number One, Hooray for us

According to a study reported in Waste 360, a British report shows that the US leads the world in waste generation. At least waste generation on a per capita basis…

waste generation

As Chaz Miller points out, studies of this type are complicated…but notwithstanding the issues found in any study, it is pretty clear that we, those of us living in the U.S. are basically consumption hogs. We buy more stuff, and in turn throw away more stuff than anyone else on the planet.

The real question is, do we need to do so? Of course, you know the answer, we don’t.

What can we do?

The real answer, besides recycling more and better, is to pressure manufacturers to make durable, repairable products and to make those products out of materials that are easily sorted and easily recycled. And of course, simply buy less stuff…..

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We’re Number One?

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