Hydrogen is Not Clean…Yet

While Hydrogen as a fuel holds a good deal of promise since its only byproduct is essentially water vapor…getting clean hydrogen is the problem. While some sources of production, such as using solar, geothermal (especially available in Iceland) and wind to separate it from water…the claims by the fossil fuel industry are apparently false.

change carbon to hydrogen formula on wooden blocks

As reported in the Washington Post, studies by Cornell and Stanford found that making it from natural gas…so called blue-hydrogen produces 20% more greenhouse gas emissions than just consuming the natural gas as fuel. Essentially, the claims of blue -hydrogen are highly misleading.

I personally think that Hydrogen will make a great long term fuel…but we need to combine its generation with renewable sources like wind and solar…and move further away from fossil fuels…not come up with false narratives to extend their life.

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It’s hailed as the clean energy of the future. But hydrogen produces ‘substantial’ emissions, study shows.

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