The Imperial Viceroy is Such an Apt Name for This Administration’s Cabinet

I will probably have to get back to Scott Pruitt later as he is continuously moving to destroy the environment. But for now, let’s take a look at how yet another person charged with our public lands and how he not only has no respect for the lands he charged with protecting but the people who live on it.

What kind of a person requires that a special flag (with his name on it) be hoisted over the Interior Department Headquarters when he is in residence (The Queen of England has that as well, but she is a Queen after all and that tradition is hundreds of years old), spends $138,000+ dollars on doors, takes private flights at our expense, rides on government paid for helicopters, assists private, wealthy landowners in destroying land for their private view and greets a fourth generation American Representative in Japanese, allegedly out of respect….

Well, it is of course, Ryan Zinke. This man, who is supposed to protect our public trust does nothing but abuse that trust, and has attempted to have National Monuments (Think Bears Ears) reduced to help the fossil fuel industry.

This man, I will not use the term gentleman, must go. But before he is shown the door, he should be made to reimburse the Federal Government for all of his abusive spending.

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All hail Ryan Zinke, our imperial viceroy

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