Is Recycling Useful

Is Recycling Useful? This question has come up again and again over the years. In most of the articles, the facts are misconstrued and the general conclusion is that recycling is not all it is cracked up to be.

Is Recycling Useful

The recent article in the Atlantic is one of the better articles that I have seen attempting to answer “Is Recycling Useful?”. It balances the hurdles faced by recycling with the benefits…and logically concludes that not generating the material in the first place…reduction, is the best approach.

The article also makes a great set of points with regard to the number of materials that are produced and the problems caused by the manufacturers of all these materials. In essence, there is too much to think about and the system has become too complicated for the average consumer to recycle correctly.

Kudos to the Atlantic….

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How Useful Is Recycling, Really?

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