John Doherty’s Death a Loss to New York City’s Sanitation Department

I recently read of the passing of Commissioner John Doherty. Commissioner Doherty ran the NYC Department of Sanitation for a total of six years under two administrations. The real story though was his dedication having worked with the Sanitation Department for 54 years…and working his way up the ladder.

New York City

I had the great privilege of meeting the Commissioner in his office for one of my clients. I was stunned by the fact that on the way to the office, not one recycling container was contaminated….nor was there any recycling in the garbage. I remember making a comment to the Commissioner’s chief of staff about this…and the answer was so simple…The Commissioner arrived before anyone else in the morning and if he saw that an employee did not recycle correctly, he asked that they come and see him…NO one wanted to do that…

Dedication is not new..it has been around for many years.

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John Doherty, Stalwart Sanitation Commissioner, Dies at 84

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