Lake Mead Drops to Record Low

Maybe its time to do away with the idea that dams can be built to provide enough water for desert cities.

Maybe its time to remove at least one dam so that we can move water to another lake?

Whether or not we remove dams, create tunnels or simply move out of the desert, it is clearly time to do something drastic when it comes to water. The concept of sustainable water supplies has been pushed over the limit by committing more than 100% of the Colorado River’s water.

Lake Mead Dam

This simply cannot continue. I rather like the idea of taking down a dam or two…or at least opening them up so that less water is wasted via evaporation. Of course, maybe the excess of cities like Las Vegas, where fountains splash and canals are built to resemble Venice has lived out its useful life?

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Lake Mead drops to record low: What’s next?

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