Selling Bottled Water that’s Better for the Planet

To me, the title is a contradiction in terms. By its very nature, bottled water consumes more resources to produce, requires a large carbon footprint and in the end, not matter how the container is designed, creates a waste stream.

I give the owner credit for attempting to make a container that has a smaller environmental impact than some containers, and for making a container that is made from largely renewable resources…but this is just one more unnecessary product being placed in the general market.

I am also not convinced that the container is as recyclable as advertised…not every community can recycle aseptic style packaging so to say that it is recyclable is a bit of a reach.

recycle bottled water

Essentially, notwithstanding their good marketing, the company is making a container (they don’t make the product) that is just a little less bad for the planet, not better for it.

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Selling Bottled Water That’s Better for the Planet
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One thought on “Selling Bottled Water that’s Better for the Planet

  1. As you I drink bottled water and have single serve pod coffee maker and don’t drive a hybrid.
    As for this – well my option is that “box o’ water” will cause more of the containers to show up as solid waste not recycling.
    Reason – people know plastic bottles are recyclable they don’t know that the cartons are and not many programs accept them.

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