Martha Stewart Magazine Needs to Learn About Invasive Plants

While everyone would like a yard and house like Martha Stewart, her staff needs to learn about invasive plants. In the July 31 article on deer resistant shrubs, the author, Ann Hinga Klein lists the following invasive shrubs as recommendations resisting deer.

Learn About Invasive Plants

1. Barberry – This is one of the worst plants out there. It is highly invasive. Provides no useful service to wildlife, destroys forest understory and yes, deer don’t like it. It is on a list of proposed banned plants for its absolutely destructive tendencies.
2. Butterfly Bush – Also highly invasive. While it does help insects from time to time, it is a plant that should never be used unless in its non-invasive form.
3. Spirea – Can be invasive and should be limited.
4. Stephanandra – Can be locally invasive.

Why a magazine that stresses such things as natural beauty would write and encourage the use of invasive plants is a mystery.

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2 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Magazine Needs to Learn About Invasive Plants

  1. Pathetic. All the more ironic since Connecticut, where Martha resides, banned 25 cultivars of barberry from sale. Also, American arborvitae is deer candy.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      I could not agree more. So far as I know, and you will know better, the only barberry that is not invasive is Mentor Barberry..and that is almost impossible to find.

      Some folks have written to the publisher..let’s see if it helps.


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