The Better Lawn Mower!!!

Who among us does not love to see lambs and sheep. Not only are they cute, but it turns out that they’re a better lawn mower and can mow a lawn to the perfect height…4″, provide fertilizer and give you something to pet while they work…Ever try to pet a lawn mower?

The better lawn mower sheep grazing

In Northern Virginia, there is a company that provides a “weed and feed” service with about 15 sheep. The sheep not only mow grass to the perfect lawn height, 4″, they provide free fertilizer and can be a calming influence to watch work. On top of that, they eat invasive weeds….(maybe we should contact Martha Stewart to get rid of her invasive plants).

While no system is perfect, this system does not create air pollution, it lets you enjoy your lawn and keep the weeds down.

What a nice piece of news in our otherwise stressful world..

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The surprising benefits of switching to ‘lamb mowers’

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