Montana Climate Lawsuit Should Give us Hope!

With all of the bad news about how people don’t care, are tuning out, or otherwise not hopeful, the recent decision in a Montana climate lawsuit in favor of a youth group suing over a law that essentially gutted a constitutional provision is a good sign. The suit, in its simplest form, challenged the law as a violation of the Montana Constitution. The constitution guarantees that Montanans’ are guaranteed a clean environment. The law passed by a rabid right Republican legislature, essentially said go ahead with fossil fuels without a review of the environmental impacts of new or existing fossil fuel plants and extraction.

Montana Climate Lawsuit

The students filed a lawsuit challenging this law and won. Of course, there were stages in this suit…from the State trying to have the suit dismissed…to bringing experts in to argue against the claim. All failed.


Read The Full Article Here:
Judge rules in favor of Montana youths in landmark climate decision

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