Corporations See the Value of Natural Landscaping

Natural landscaping, the use of native plants over lawns is starting to finally grow (Pardon the pun).

natural landscaping

This is a movement whose time is far past due. We waste more money, water and energy on taking care of a crop, grass, that serves no useful purpose to either wildlife (except maybe Canada Geese) than we should.

By moving to a natural landscaping, and accepting that it will not be mowed every week, we will reduce the cost of maintenance, reduce the need for chemicals, improve wildlife habitat, reduce rain water run off, conserve water and finally, actually have something interesting to look at. New Jersey is not mentioned in this article, but there are companies in this state that have started to move forward with this movement. We need to call out these successes.

Now if we can only get HOA’s to get off the dime and start a more sustainable landscaping.

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