Another New Jersey town joins the Organic Waste Recycling Program

Lawrence Township will soon become the second town to begin curbside collection of organics for composting. Congratulations on becoming the second town in NJ to realize that we should be treating assets for what they are: A valuable raw material that can be used to make new and useful products. In this case, compost.

recycle-organic-food-wasteUnfortunately, this is a good idea…but, one with a big problem. New Jersey’s regulatory structure does everything that it can to discourage the siting of compost facilities. Further, there is a fight between those counties that want the money generated in the disposal of this very heavy product, and there are those local residents who don’t want a compost facility near them.

This leads to the great lament of everyone who picks up materials….Everyone wants us to pick it up, but no one wants us to put it down.

We will not have a viable composting program for food until all parties manage to put aside their narrow self interest and think about the big picture. But…good luck anyway Lawrence.

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Lawrence to become second Mercer County town to launch organic waste recycling program

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