New York’s Passive House; moving forward with Energy Efficient Housing

It seems that each time I think that we will not move forward with energy efficient housing in the U.S., someone does something that gives me hope that we will really make a change. It was encouraging to see that Passive House design is alive and well and being built in this country.

Energy-Efficient-HousingThink about the advantages…A house that uses less that 25% of the energy of a standard home. A house that is quiet, has clean indoor air, is comfortable year round and needs a small HVAC system at most.

What about the other advantage of a house that costs about $300 to heat even at 3000 square feet? Think about that!

The article really provides a nice outline about how homes should really be built in this country. It is a start…and one for which demand is rising. Good news.

Oh, and to answer those who will start reading this blog with, nice if you can afford it…it appears that construction costs are competitive with standard building.

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The Passive House in New York
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