Solar Arrays at New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park

I do not always agree with Paul Mulshine, but when he hits it, he hits it right on the head. His latest editorial on solar at Great Adventure is right on the money. Solar arrays are a great use of unwanted or flat space such as parking lots and roofs.


Mr. Mulshine correctly points out that to destroy acres of woodland to put in solar panels is a boondoggle and mis-use of the technology. Both Great Adventure and the company proposing this, KDC Solar should be:

1. Ashamed of themselves for even thinking that this is a good idea. It is an adulteration of a technology that can offer great benefits for the generation of financial gain at the expense of the sound environmental planning.

2. Made to reconsider…the parking areas at Great Adventure are massive…flat, already paved and are heat sinks that create heat islands. Solar arrays in the parking lots would make sense as they would:

  • Generate power in a clean manner.
  • Help to prevent heat island effect by shading the parking areas.
  • Create cooler and more pleasant parking areas.

This is not he first time that KDC Solar had moved to destroy land under the claim of benefiting the environment. It is misguided and a misuse of a “green” technology.

Shame also on the Sierra Club for supporting this type of project.

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