Notwithstanding this Administration’s Lack of Leadership, Renewables Move Ahead

It was interesting to read the Time’s articles on energy on the 1st. One article on the administration’s attempt to use our money to prop up a dying coal industry and above it…and fittingly so, an article on how business is still moving ahead with its commitment to renewable energy.

I am not naive. I realize that these businesses have a two fold objective. One to use clean energy and two to help bolster their environmental credentials.

I really don’t care about the motive here. What I find interesting is this is not the first account of businesses realizing the the future does not lie in the use of 60 million year old fuel…but in fuels that can be renewed over and over again from a source that is without limit. Many pundits over the years have made the reference that if renewable energy is so good, business would invest…

Well, I guess that it is that good.

GOOD NEWS is nice, isn’t it?

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A Year After Trump’s Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom
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