Government Subsidy for a Dying Business Model Ordered

I have a friend and colleague who continuously decries government subsidies for renewable energy. We have had this debate back and forth for many years and I have made my points and he has made his.

Government SubsidyNow, without even a nod to the argument that we can use tax codes as a means to shape social policy, the current president is ordering that taxpayers and ratepayers subsidize old coal and old nuclear plants for no other reason than to try and save a dying set of industries. Indeed, there is not even a nod to the argument that nuclear at least does not emit Carbon Dioxide.

No, this is a flat out effort to buy votes of those who are unfortunate enough to work in the dying coal industry.

There is no plan. There is no public policy argument.

As the Times reports, there is even a good argument that it may be illegal…No shock there.

I know that this statement is wasted in this administration, but the triple bottom line; this ain’t…

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Trump Orders a Lifeline for Struggling Coal and Nuclear Plants
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