OH NO, Incandescent Light Bulbs Are Gone!

You may recall that there was a big hullabaloo about the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs. Notwithstanding the fact that it was President Bush who signed the law to increase bulb efficiency…and by the way, the law never outlawed the bulbs…certain Congresspersons screamed and hollered about the government interfering with your right to waste energy.

Now, due to that darned and pesky liberal bogyman…Capitalism, incandescent bulbs are going away. Why?

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Well it is not due to some liberal plot. The law was the first step in their demise. They are simply too inefficient to meet the standard…and the rest is history. Improvements to energy efficient LED’s simply meant that the old incandescent light bulbs could not survive…

Sort of like the line from the movie “Other People’s Money” where the character played by Danny DeVito says that even if you made the best buggy whip, when no more buggy whips were needed, you went out of business. It was his reference to capitalism.

Odd isn’t it, the same people that cry that the free market should work, now cry when it works.

While it is true that government policy pushed the change, that is almost always the case. Government policy gave life to fossil fuels and now it is giving life to new ideas.

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