Pandemic Not Slowing Down Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation As Much As Thought

As reported in Waste Dive and Enviropolitics, a number of states are still moving forward with Extended Producer Responsibility legislation. This is rather amazing news when we consider that people are still nervous about touching surfaces….(On a side note, the most recent reports on that issue are encouraging. It does not appear that Fomite transfer is the problem that we thought it might be….)

New Jersey is considering a post consumer content bill, and other states including Maine, Massachusetts and much of the Northeast shows that our elected officials are not afraid to try and improve our move to a more circular economy. It is about time too.

For too long, manufacturers have used the argument that if people did not like their packaging, they could simply not buy the product. Of course, all that they were doing is shifting the burden and cost of recycling to the taxpayer.

Now it appears that they are beginning to understand that they have a role to play…well, maybe not really understand…I think that they are learning in a way that my Mother used…a wooden spoon…and now that we have their attention….

This is a step in the right direction.

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Extended Producer Responsibility style legislation draws ongoing state-level interest despite pandemic setbacks

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