Plastic Bags are a Part of the Problem…But We Control a Large Part Also

There is a great deal of effort on banning disposal plastic bags. I applaud and support those efforts. But each of us must also take responsibility for what we take out…that is, take out containers from restaurants are a large problem as well.

WE control that to a degree. The attached articles outline both the scope of the problem, and some steps that WE can take to reduce the problem.

So…for reduction…here are some ideas from different sources:

1. Try to reduce take out…ok, easier said than done.
2. Speak to your favorite take out place…At the very least get them to stop using expanded polystyrene and get them to use #1, #2 or #5 containers…not perfect but a start.
3. Better yet, get them to use compostable paper containers and compost them in your backyard…if you soak them first and tear them up, they do compost…I know, I do it.
4. At least start with refusing disposable utensils.

I know that speaking to the restaurant works! I have done it and several have changed their packaging….most people want to do good things for our planet.

And Bon Apetit.

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