And Now For Some Good News

Small actions can really help. Kudos to the Warren Township Green Team and its Chairperson, Laura Mandel. The Green Team, working with a Rutgers Grant, has installed two of three rain gardens. One at Town Hall, and one at the ALT grammar school.

green team garden

green team garden

green team school

green team grant

What a great way to do two things at once. Improve our environment by reducing water runoff, and at the ALT school, helping to teach young students that actions are important.

Great job…..

2 thoughts on “And Now For Some Good News

  1. Thanks for highlighting the Warren Rain gardens. The Green Team volunteers had a wondeful time with the plantintgs. Thank you to Green Team members Susan Zeitels, Gloria Mayer, Christina Lewis and Michael Pate who worked through fog and sunshine to install the plants. A special thanks to the Warren Office of Emergency Management and Jane Asch for communicating this opportunity and the expertise of Chris Perez and the team at the Rutgers Water Resources Program! We look forward to the gardens being lovely focal points on the municpal grounds and at Angelo Tomaso School as they asborb run off water for many years to come!

    Laura Mandell
    Chair, Warren Green Team

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