Plastics; we never seem to stop talking about plastic. Should we ban plastic bags, styrofoam, microbes?

Will plastic go away? Should we compost it? What are we to do?

plasticsThere is no easy answer. The recent study done by the NY/NJ Baykeeper adds more support to the argument that the best way to deal with many plastics is simply not to use them in the first place. So why don’t we just stop?

Part of the problem stems from us, part from manufacturers. Just take a look at New York City. They tried to ban styrofoam, a difficult to recycle plastic that ends up all over the place; but they failed. In this case, the styrofoam manufacturers simply made a better argument to judges in the New York Supreme Court.

A shame to be sure…so why do the concerned consumers still buy it?

Let’s start small…maybe we can get one company, let’s say, Dunkin Donuts…to stop using it?

Just a thought.

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Study Investigates Proliferation of Plastic in Waterways Around New York
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