Is it Really Recycling?

Two articles on recycling…one from the Wall Street Journal and the second from NJ Spotlight show the problems with companies that claim to essentially make all things get recycled. The articles focus on Terracycle and a lawsuit that found labeling saying that everyone could get zero waste boxes everywhere. In fact, there are strict geographic […]

Yes, Plastic is Toxic

The journal, Environmental Science and Technology has identified 10,500 chemicals in a range of plastics recently studied. More importantly, and of course more frightening, 2840 of these were “substances of potential concern” and 1000 of these can be harmful in small doses. To make matters worse, over half of the chemicals that are potentially harmful […]

Microplastics are Everywhere

This sentence says it all on microplastics. “The staggering amount of microplastics we found likely means that no river, lake or stream is safe from this increasingly common contaminant.” Franz Savitz, PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center. Let me scare you some more. Rutgers is now studying the impact on marine species that we consume….including, blue […]