It is Certainly Time

The attached opinion on removing the mobius strip from plastic is right on point. People are confused and rightly so. Recycling coordinators are frustrated. MRF operators are exasperated and the market is flooded with plastic that amounts to garbage. It is time to follow the Oregon example on a national scale and put a truth […]

Chemical Recycling for Plastics?

Bloomberg recently reported that at least 60 chemical companies are “racing” to recycle plastics by essentially using chemistry to return them back to their original chemical components. If this is successful, it would allow plastic to be recycled in a way that is not dependent on the resin from which it is formed. The article […]


Plastics; we never seem to stop talking about plastic. Should we ban plastic bags, styrofoam, microbes? Will plastic go away? Should we compost it? What are we to do? There is no easy answer. The recent study done by the NY/NJ Baykeeper adds more support to the argument that the best way to deal with […]