So, I Have a Blandscape, What Should I Do?

In my last post about the blandscape, I offered little as an alternative. Well, this article in Washington Post does a good job of outlining what can be done to improve the landscape, reduce the pollution generated by lawnmowers and generally improve the health of our environment.

Ready…get rid of as much lawn as you can. That’s right, tear it up. Replace it with shrubs, flowers and trees. In other words, diversify.

Let the clover grow.


Lawns demand huge amounts of water and chemicals. They cause us to increase air pollution by using lawnmowers, waste water (upwards of 3 trillion gallons per year), cause pollution through fertilizer run off and produce nothing in the way of wildlife food or benefit. In fact, they help harm wildlife since we use so many pesticides that we harm bees and good insects.

Go ahead…tear up the blandscape. Do the world a favor

Read The Full Article Here:
Ditching grass could help your backyard thrive

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