Just When You Are Ready to Scream, Students Step up Yet Again

I had the privilege to recently be a part of the NJ Climate Policy Stakeholder Forum at Princeton University. This forum was put together by the Princeton Student Climate Initiative. As you can see in the attached report, these students brought more than 100 people together including professionals in multiple fields students and interested parties.


The goal was to develop a working paper upon which they could lead the way to actions combating climate change.

First, let me say how very impressed I was with the entire program. From basic organization to thinking about the day’s events as a tool to practice what we were discussing, the students did an OUTSTANDING job.

After my last two blogs, which of course are a bit more dystopian, it is nice to put this blog post out!!!!

You see, we can change this!!!!

Thank you to all of the students who worked on and are continuing to work on this problem.

Read the full report:
NJ Climate Policy Stakeholder Forum

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