Administration Agrees that Climate Change is Anthropogenic, But Let’s Just Do Nothing

That radically liberal magazine, Forbes, notes that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agrees that climate change is being caused by human activity. Wow, that’s amazing. Of course, notwithstanding the findings of the UN report noted last week, rather than issuing a clarion call to action, this Administration is saying…do nothing.


It is part of their inane justification to roll back fuel efficiency standards. Their “logic” goes something like this…Climate change is real. We are the cause. We know that burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change and that of course cars and trucks burn fossil fuels.

Since climate change is real, and since we are the cause, we have determined that it makes more sense to do nothing since nothing can be done.

Well, it is certainly tough to argue with “logic” like that.

To each of us…What have you done to mitigate climate change today?

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Trump Ignores The Impacts Of Climate Change At His Peril – And Ours

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