Synthetic Turf; Safe or Unsafe?

There have been a number of concerns raised about synthetic turf on athletic fields as to its impact on the health of the user. As we are in football season, it seems timely that we should look at this again.

First, understand that there is no absolute proof based on any known studies that can link any dangerous health effects to playing on synthetic turf. Also, it is true that synthetic turf does allow us to use recycled tires in the form of crumb rubber in the cushioning of the fields. But, the lingering questions of health must trump recycling.

Synthetic Turf

Notwithstanding which facts are correct, I still cannot understand why we rip up natural grass to put down artificial turf in our colleges, high schools and playing fields. Oh, I understand the cost elements and the durability arguments…I just don’t agree with them.

Study after study shows that we can grow natural turf fields using compost and proper aeration programs that:

  1. Reduce water and pesticide use.
  2. Hold up to heavy traffic.
  3. Allow people to play on real grass.
  4. Offer the added benefits of using living plants and creating a drainage area for water that is natural and effective.

So, why should we risk anyone’s health on an unknown when we can use a natural and effective alternative?

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