Do you really need that plastic straw

This may seem like one of the more trivial items to think about, but plastic straws are a good symbol of our wasteful society. They are also a good example of the law of unintended consequences. This simple thing…very convenient, has created a significant amount of environmental harm.

As National Geographic reports, the straws harm marine wildlife, wash up on beaches everywhere…even Antarctica…and generally just hang around. So what are we to do?

plastic straws

Well, the overly simple solution is stop using them completely. Use a cup that we can drink from…maybe we all need sippy cups…

Maybe we should consider going back to paper straws when some form of single use sipper is needed.

No matter what, it appears that the tide is turning and perhaps, just perhaps, the plastic straw is on the way out.

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The Death of the Plastic Straw

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