It Appears That Tires are Killing Fish Due to Runoff of Preservatives

If it isn’t bad enough that our cars are seeping oil and chemicals onto the roads and emitting pollution from the tail pipe, we now find that the very act of driving on our tires is releasing a chemical that kills Salmon. As reported in the Times, a team from WSU discovered that a preservative used in tires oxidizes and forms a chemical that is deadly to Coho Salmon.

Doing nothing more than driving and wearing out the tires leaves the chemical on the road. Once it reacts with the air, bang.

The issue has been brought to the attention of tire manufacturers. Now it is up to them.

It is so true that we are good at making chemicals way before we know what they do…and that is a problem.

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How Scientists Tracked Down a Mass Killer (of Salmon)

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