A Great Summary for Plastic Recycling

Mr. Gebelhoff summed up the problems with plastic recycling succinctly and well. His summary for plastic recycling calling out a product like Solo Cups is a great example of Corporate IRRESPONSIBILITY. Solo Cups are made of Polystyrene and thus, for all intents and purposes, not recyclable.

Summary for Plastic Recycling solo cups

His summary chart, and the line that follows is a good summary for plastic recycling…and it shows that we NEED to look carefully at the items that we put in the bin…(talk about my being repetitious!!) I especially like his statement that “Some people find the labels so confusing that they simply don’t recycle anything.” And even better..”…almost a quarter of Americans said recycling is more complicated than filling out their taxes.”

While he correctly states that bottles and jugs with #1 and #2 are most easily recycled, we are lucky that here in the Northeast, we generally can recycle #5 as well…but not universally….and that is the problem.

KISS….”Keep it Simple Stupid” is the key. Plastics manufacturers are doing little to meet this standard. We need more than truth in labeling…but that is a good start. His comment that we need government to simply prohibit the manufacture of any plastic that cannot be accepted on a universal basis is correct….But can you imagine the screaming of corporations like the manufacturer of Solo Cups?

How about K cups manufacturers?

Ok..so let’s start small…Stop using your K cups machines or at least only use the refillable basket.

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You’re probably recycling plastic wrong. And it’s not your fault.­­

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