Organic Farming…What a Concept

The Washington Post’s article highlighting a state in India where, are you ready, pesticide and chemical fertilizer use in farming has been banned is both enlightening and inspiring. The fact that this state has a leadership that made a difficult decision to improve the health and safety of the people that live there shows what can be done when there is real leadership rather than showmanship.

organic farming checmical fertilizer

As a result of this effort, people are healthier, the economy is generally better and the environment has benefited!!! I think that we call this sustainability

I applaud the Indian state of Sikkim and its leaders. Clearly, I am not alone as the national government has also looked to Sikkim as a model.

Can someone get this information to Washington? Oh wait, they don’t read in this administration.

Read the full article:
An Indian state banned pesticides. Tourism and wildlife flourished. Will others follow?

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