The Earth Fair and Earth Day

On April 21, Burlington County hosted its annual Earth Fair. The Sustainable Living Tent which I have the pleasure of working on was again a hit. From a new EV to learning about personal health and wellness to native plants sales and solar powered lawn care, the visitors could leave and take a real action to help make the world more sustainable. That should be our goal when we hold all educational events. Take action.

Burlington County Earth Fair

In this world of negatives…it seems that we hear about the bad way more than the good, the Earth Fair can be a small step to the good. At this fair we know that over 300 native plants will be planted by our guests, more than 5000 reusable shopping bags will be donated to food banks and hundreds of people were able to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles.

These steps will not change the world, but they are a start. What did you do today to make the world more sustainable?

Learn More About the Event Here:
Burlington County Earth Fair

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