Recycling Does Help

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking about recycling with Mr. Hill on The Pulse podcast. I get that there is a great deal of angst about plastics…I share that angst. But there are two pictures here and recycling does help.

recycling does help

We can stress what does not work; as seems to be the case in most of the articles that we read…even the podcast and this article seem to stress the negative. Or we can stress what does work. In other words, when people place the correct material in the recycling bin, it IS RECYCLED. That is what I was trying to stress.

Are all plastics recycled? Certainly not. And that is a problem.

However, we must encourage people to recycle correctly…and focus on encouraging…no, forcing manufacturers to manufacture materials that:

  1. Close the loop on recycling
  2. Contain post consumer materials
  3. Don’t confuse the consumer!

Recycling is not a cure all. It is one step in the process of a sustainable system. Keep at it.

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