Environmentally Sound Disposal Solutions

The U.S. Military has made great strides in environmentally conscious behaviors over the years. Given their many conflicting and important duties, it is heartening to see that they have embraced many aspects of energy conservation, solid waste management and recycling and generally thinking about what they should do even in war zones to help insure that they do not leave an environmental mess behind.

Of course, the progress has not been perfect. Open burning and other issues are real concerns. But, at least in this author’s opinion, in a war zone, I am inclined to give the military the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

Environmentally-Sound-Disposal-Solutions-for-m6-propellentWhat is most disturbing is the proposal that we should use open burning in the United States to dispose of M6 propellent that is no longer required. Clearly, this is an inexpensive process when compared to more environmentally sound methods of disposal. Its use by coal mining companies is somewhat humorous given the environmental harm that coal causes at all levels, but, at least it is a form of reuse.

It is time that we apply environmentally sound disposal solutions to harmful chemicals in the United States. It may cost more, but if we are willing to make this effort in other nations, shouldn’t we do so here?

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