Gas or Electric Appliance; What is the Correct Answer?

These two articles can help to clarify some of the confusion about the gas or electric appliance debate and the push towards electric appliances like induction stoves. Fist, let’s be clear, notwithstanding the dog whistles of certain politicians that the government is taking away your gas stove, this is simply not the case…..

The question is, should you consider an electric stove for the benefit of the air you breathe and the energy we use. First, let me admit that I have a gas stove. The old electric stoves were horrible.

red hot electric stove Gas or Electric Appliance debate

However, I am not against looking at a new electric stove when this stove must be replaced. Just as I am not against replacing my gas boiler or dryer when the time comes with electric heat pump models. But let’s be clear. It is more important that you consider the most energy efficient appliance that you can no matter the fuel source.

In my case for example, when the time came several years ago, and well before the more efficient heat pumps were available, I went from an old oil boiler at 70% efficiency to a new condensing gas boiler at 96% efficiency. This was after I insulated the house better and replaced windows. The result? A much cleaner, warmer heating system. It would be anti-environmental to replace this unit right now since it works well. At the end of its life? We will see.

That is the point for the stoves as well. We can use ventilation to keep indoor air clean…so a gas stove is not a threat when used correctly. However, there is nothing wrong with government trying to encourage cleaner stoves.

There is much work to be done, from cleaning up power plants, to a more reliable grid. Nonetheless, it is a step in the right direction.

So when it comes to the gas or electric appliance debate – disregard the dog whistles of the ignorant, self serving politicians who are trying to scare you.

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