Those Pesky Detergent Pods and Facts

Detergent pods are made of a polymer…ie, plastic called poly vinyl alcohol. The question is, do they decompose completely and are they safe? According to the manufacturers of the pods, they do both. According to some independent studies, they do not decompose and are not safe. Who is correct?

Detergent Pods

The answer is unclear. At least one study shows that they don’t decompose in a standard sewerage treatment plant. This raises a real question. Yet, there are few independent studies in real field conditions to help answer this.

Clearly, plastic detergent bottles are heavy, and they have an environmental impact. Pods are lighter…and more profitable for detergent manufacturers as well. Detergent bottles can be easily recycled into new detergent bottles. Pods are disposed.

No clear answer to be sure…I default to bottles for now.

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Does the film around detergent pods really biodegrade? A debate is raging.

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