Invasive Plants on the Chopping Block?

New Jersey is now considering a bill that would ban invasive plants from being sold within the state. FINALLY. For the life of me I cannot understand plant nurseries that purport to support the environment selling invasive plants! I have spoken to several and the answer is one you might expect…People want them, so we sell them. While I certainly understand the economic argument, it is misplaced.

english ivy invasive species

I think that Mike Van Clef, the program director of the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team said it best. “It’s embrrassing” that NJ doesn’t yet have a law that seeks to control the problem.

We can do our part as well. Look for a list of invasive plants on the NJDEP website and DON’T BUY THEM.

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Supporters hopeful NJ will curb invasive species

2 thoughts on “Invasive Plants on the Chopping Block?

  1. In all the years I’ve lived in NJ and hiked and biked in the woods of NJ, I’ve yet to see a forestry crew anywhere managing our forests. No thinning for forest health, no removal of invasive species such as Norway Maple, no planting programs to promote native species and biodiversity… nothing. As a former professional forester, when I’m in our woods, I see a whole lot of poor or just nonexistent land management. My point is, work big to small State of New Jersey. Actively manage our forest ecosystems first, then worry about English ivy.

    1. Hi Dave and thanks for writing,
      I couldn’t agree more that we need to do more to remove invasive from our forest. On a state level, we just don’t see the resources being expended in that area. There are some good examples though. Duke Farms is working on a massive removal of invasive and restoration plan along the Raritan River. Somerset County Parks is work on an invasive removal plan…at lease where they can…But more needs to be done.
      Of course, if we keep selling the plants, and they keep escaping, it is a bit like the little Dutch boy with his finger in a dike….Thanks again.

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