Plastics = Criminal Activity

So, Big Oil, as reported in the Times, is in trouble. We can see that from the fact that Exxon is off the “Big Board.”

The plastics industry is in a panic. They have lied, obfuscated and sacred people into using more plastic during the pandemic. At the same time, countries like China have realized that they were being dumped on by the plastics industry and have moved to ban the import of plastic…thus sending the markets for recycling of plastic reeling.

And what is the “ethical” response of industry?

First, we see that there is now a surge in illegal activity for plastic in Asia. Unethical companies are smuggling plastic into countries and essentially dumping the problem elsewhere.

Second, and as I see it, more reprehensible, the oil companies are pushing the U.S. Trade representative to force Africa to take the plastic that no one else wants! They are trying to use the clout of this administration, a friend of the unethical, to FORCE Kenya to drop its ban on plastic bags….

Sure, rather than do the right thing and phase out a product that should not be here…we will simply move to force others to deal with it.

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