Promising to Recycle is Nice, But Markets are Needed!

It is often true that manufacturers put the carton before the horse…Pun intended…

Carton recycling has been touted for a number of years…but as can be seen in the attached Resource Recycling article, when product manufacturers are promising to recycle, it does not always work. The key is of course economics.

promising to recycle

Cartons are low quality materials. While there is an argument that they are environmentally beneficial due to their weight reduction and long shelf life without refrigeration, they still result in solid waste. In other words, they are not fully thought out.

Even in New Jersey, there are programs that put cartons into the mix and are now looking to take them out…Why? Because the cost of collecting and processing is higher than the value of the product…Currently $0 in our area.

Manufacturers need to pay the freight on what they create.

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Why carton recycling has stalled in one state

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