Reusable Bag for Rent

The concept of renting a reusable bag now that plastic bags are banned…as well as most paper bags, has a great appeal. Recently, the start up company GOATOTE has started placing these kiosks in certain CVS and other store locations. The concept is simple, you rent the bag and return it. The company cleans the bag and places it back in the kiosk.

Reusable Bag

This is a step in the right direction…but beware…and this is not GOATOTE’s idea, but some companies are trying to set up a system where towns have to use their grant dollars to pay for the service. This idea is corporate welfare and should be avoided.

BUT GOATOTE has a great concept and if the stores and bag manufacturers pay for it…go for it.

Read The Full Article Here:
In-Store Reusable Bag Rental System Launches in New Jersey at Select CVS Pharmacy and Target Stores

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