William D. Ruckelshaus, A Man of Great Honor is Gone

I rarely write about the passing of a person that I know. In the case of William D. Ruckelshaus, I am making an exception because of the stature of the man and the fact that I had the pleasure of working with him for albeit too short a time.

Mr. Ruckelshaus, Bill as he insisted that I call him during a daylong project where we were together for most of the day, was a man of integrity. He understood the concept of Sustainability better than most. I will always remember his message that if you cannot help people to live better lives, take care of their families and feel that they are a part of the world with a chance to grow, then the sustainability message will fail. That was in 1993. Boy was he ahead of his time.

If you don’t know your history about the EPA, the Saturday Night Massacre, etc., then read the attached.

We could really use a man of Bill’s integrity today…especially in the Attorney General’s Office or at EPA…Of course, Mr. Ruckelshaus, it was hard for me to call him as he asked, served this country as the heads of both agencies as well as the FBI…He believed in upholding his oath of office with integrity…

He will be missed.

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William Ruckelshaus, Who Quit in ‘Saturday Night Massacre,’ Dies at 87

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