The Military Knows That The Climate Change Threat Is Real

The Climate Change threat has become a dog whistle to those who want to continuously divide our country. Certain state legislatures, and even a Presidential candidate have effectively banned the term from use in schools, or in the enforcement of environmental law…Well that shows intelligence.

Military fighter jets climate change threat

Those that are charged with safeguarding the country know that the dog whistle is empty. In fact, the Air Force is building a new base in Florida, Tyndall Air Force Base, to be more resilient from a new domestic enemy, the Climate Change threat.

The base was essentially destroyed by Hurricane Andrew…and its hangers, housing our most advanced fighter jets, were destroyed. Rather than be caught up in the debate, the realistic leaders of the military are having the base rebuilt to withstand sever weather. Indeed, they are designing the base to be a model for other military facilities that are located in areas were severe weather is likely to strike…AKA…the entire country.

Every day we see more people realizing that we need to design for resiliency…Why? Because there is a recognition that Climate Science is real…notwithstanding the dog whistles….

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As climate change worsens, military eyes base of the future on Gulf Coast

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