Grease theft and demand for Bio-Fuel trigger NJ Legislation push


Bio-Fuel Cooking OilUsed cooking oil can be transformed into biodiesel fuel. The increased demand for this fuel ingredient, has triggered a push in New Jersey's oil collecting and recycling industry for legislation to crack down on the theft of it.

A new bill, which has recently already been passed by the state Senate, would require collectors and recyclers of the used cooking oil to be state certified. This bill could potentially extinguish little players from the industry and add bureaucracy without actually curbing the theft.

Grease collected from delis, catering businesses and restaurants can be recycled and transformed into farm-animal feed, cosmetics and soap. However, increased use of environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel, which can be made by mixing refined cooking oil with diesel, has called for increased demand. This boosted demand has pushed up the price, with grease now selling for about $1.80 a gallon.

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