New Jersey is Pushing One of the Strictest Plastics Bans in the Nation. But is it Enough?

Scott Fallon- North Jersey Record

New Jersey is proposing an aggressive and much needed ban on some plastics. The proposed law will restrict or outlaw things like straws, grocery store bags, carryout containers and foam cups.

The move is a step beyond previous policies aimed at recycling plastics which can be difficult to navigate correctly based on the type of plastic and local collection policies.

“It is unbelievably confusing to the general public and creates problems for the recycler,” said Wayne DeFeo, a New Jersey environmental and recycling consultant.

The new law will help to address the confusion in recycling plastics by creating less plastic trash in the first place. The ban will also have a positive impact on habitat and recreation areas like rivers and beaches where discarded plastics wind up.

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